Allergic Reaction Rash on Face: Causes and Treatment

Allergic Reaction Rash on Face: Possible Causes ,Treatment and Symptoms

Allergic Reaction Rash on Face
Allergic Reaction Rash on Face

You might notice an annoying rash appears on your face without identifying the reason. allergic reaction rash on face is one of the most common cause of rash. So, what does allergic reaction mean? And How can you deal with rash that caused by?

Allergic reaction means the sensitivity to something you’ve eaten, inhaled, or touched. The allergen is what you are allergic to, so your body considers the allergen as foreign and attacks it as a kind of protection.

You may have an allergic reaction rash on face and body. Actually, The face is a common location for allergic reactions.


Main Allegory Symptoms that companies with Allergic reaction on rash


There are many symptoms that may appear along with allegoric rash. Those symptoms vary on your body and what you’re allergic to and how you be in contact with. These symptoms may include:

– Itchy, sneezing, runny or blocked nose.

– Red, itchy, watering eyes.

– Red, itchy, raised rash.

– vomiting and feeling sick.

– Red, dry and cracked skin.


  What Can Cause allergic reaction rash on face?


  • Animals and Insects

All creatures can cause allergic reactions. People who have allergic reaction don’t react to the hair of fur of animals, but rather to their saliva and skin cells. If you are allergic to some animals like cats and dogs, you will sneeze and exposed to rashes and hives. Hives, a common allergic reaction rash on face, are raised bumps on your face and neck. Moreover, bites and stings can cause hives and welts.

  • Contact dermatitis

Sometimes, you touch a substance that is considered as allergen by your body. This type of allergic reaction is called contact dermatitis. The allergen could be poison ivy, laundry detergent, or food. Since people commonly touch their faces, it is easily to have contact dermatitis on your face.

  • Food

The most common types of allergic reaction on face is food. You may have stomachache after eating certain food or get rash on your face.

There is a dangerous and life- threatening food allergy called anaphylaxis. This disease can cause your windpipe and tongue to swell. It , necessarily, requires immediate medical care.

  • Medication

Medication allergies commonly cause skin rashes on face. It might cause hives, anaphylaxis, and swelling of the face.

  • Eczema

If you have Eczema, you may get have allergic reaction rash on your face, neck, hands, or knees.

  • Anaphylaxis

It is the most severe kind of allergic reaction you may have. If you have anaphylaxis , you will have a harsh symptoms include:

  • Hives or red rashes.
  • Wheezing
  • Tightness in the throat and chest
  • Bright flushing of the face.


  • Beauty products

Beauty products, like shampoo and make up, can help you feel on the top. But they can also can cause an allergic reaction. You could get simple rashes after you use new product or after using it for years.

There are two kinds of allergic reaction to beauty products. The first is called irritant contact dermatitis which happens when something really damage your skin. Where you use the product, your skin might burn, itch, or get red. The second kind is allergic contact dermatitis which causes redness, itching, swelling, and hives on your face, eyes, ears, neck or lips.


Diagnosis and Treatment

You can get treatment for most types of allergies except the anaphylactic allergies reaction.

Sometimes, when you take an over the counter antihistamine, your body will stop reacting to the allergen within a few minutes.

If you are suspect the main cause of the allergic reaction rash on your face, consider your diet and activities until you discover it. It is better also to keep your doctor in the loop.

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