Teething Rash: How to Deal with it?

What do we mean by teething rash?     Although this skin matter is socially known by many parents and caregivers as a “teething rash,” most medical professionals use the broader term “drool rash” to describe this condition. According to experts: “Some babies experience a little more drool while they are teething, while in fact, many babies excessively drool even when they’re not teething, too. “In any case, drool can sometimes contribute to a rash on the chest and neck, from macerated, wet skin, sometimes called a teething rash.” Because…

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drool rash treatment BABY RASH 

Drool Rash Treatment

Are you searching on drool rash treatment? When your baby’s first tooth appears, you may notice the accompanied symptoms varied from a cough and diarrhea to excessive drool and a rash around her mouth. The majority of  symptoms of teething, including a facial rash, are not permanent and will fade away when the teeth break through the gums, but in case you are concerned about your child, you ought to consult  your pediatrician. So what is drool rash? and what is drool rash treatment?   What do we Mean by…

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Lichenoid dermatitis: Causes & Treatments

What is lichenoid dermatitis?     Lichenoid dermatitis is a skin disorder within the eczema category. It is the least common form of eczema; however, it is still affects many individuals. The most common people that experience this form of dermatitis are the elderly. But it can occur throughout any time in life and it is recognized by a purple coloring of the skin. This uncommon condition is easily diagnosed because of the purple tint of the polygonal papules, or raised bumps, that form on the skin. The rash often…

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Seborrheic dermatitis on Eyebrows ECZEMA 

Seborrheic Dermatitis on Eyebrows

Seborrheic Dermatitis on Eyebrows:     Seborrheic dermatitis refer to the dry, white flakes or scales of dead skin that usually found on the scalp. It is not as common as scalp dandruff; however, it is possible for anyone to have these scaly patches of dandruff beard, face, side of the nose, ears, eyebrow, seborrheic dermatitis on eyebrows and any other part of the body, especially where the body produces much sebum. Is it possible to have dandruff on eyebrows? Yes, it is and there are many ailments and conditions.…

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Viral Rash on Babies and Adults: Viral Rash Symptoms and Treatment

Viral rash on babies and adults is a change in the color or texture of your skin. It may become bumpy, scaly, itchy, or otherwise irritated.  Most causes of rashes are due to virus,  bacterial origin, and due to allergy to medications given during an illness. Many viruses can cause a viral rash in addition to other symptoms such as fever and cough. Those rashes are ‘nonspecific’ which means the rash is not characteristic enough to identify the causing virus. The doctor cannot say which virus is the cause, but…

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Lip Eczema ECZEMA 

Lip Eczema, lip dermatitis: how to deal with it?

Can you get eczema on your lips?     Yes! Lip eczema, which is called eczematous cheilitis, is an inflammation of the lips that appears as redness with dryness and scaling. lip eczema can also be called lip dermatitis. Your lips might be divided into three zones: the outer zone comprising the skin next to the lips, the vermilion margin and the mucosal aspect. The first two areas are commonly affected. The major causes of lip eczema are atopic dermatitis or allergic contact reactions.   What are the causes of…

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Breast Eczema SKIN RASH 

Breast Eczema; Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Generally, eczema is a skin dermatitis and inflammation of your skin that can occur anywhere on the body, including on the breast and nipple. Eczema on breast and nipples will cause itching, burning, and pain, which can worsen over time. Are you thinking of how to get rid of eczema on breast? Read the article to know everything about breast eczema and most importantly breast eczema treatment.   What are the Causes of Breast Eczema?   There are many causes of breast eczema that include:   Using nipple creams that…

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Eczema on Feet ECZEMA 

How to Get Rid of Eczema on Feet, Types and Treatment

How to get rid of eczema on feet? All you need to know about eczema on feet. Identify the common causes and the best treatments.   Eczema, in general, is a skin condition that causes an inflammation, and it can affect many different parts of the body. The symptoms of eczema vary from case to case and they can include the dry, red and itchy skin patches. Commonly, eczema occurs on face; however, it is also can appear on the foot because it is a good chance for eczema that feet…

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sweat rash groin female HEAT RASH 

Sweat Rash in Female Groin: learn how to get rid of?

In this guide, You will identify sweat rash in female groin in greater details and consider the right treatment for it.   At First, What is Heat Rash?   Heat rash occurs when sweet ducts are trapped under the skin in which sweet can not reach the surface of the skin. So the rash is there by bumps appeared on the skin. There are a lot of types of heat rash appeared on the body such as heat rash under breast and heat, sweet rash in groin.   Sweat Rash…

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How to Get Rid of Scaly Skin: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

How to get rid of scaly skin?   What is a scaly skin?   Scaly skin is a common symptom of dry skin. It can occur anywhere on your body; however, you are more common to have scaly skin on arms and scaly legs especially in the lower legs. Irritation, inflammation and itching can increase the rate of skin cell turnover, leading to scale formation. Scaly skin can be caused due to many conditions, but scaly skin can also result from natural processes or environments, such as cold, dry environments. Scaly…

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