Baby Neck Rash: 3 common causes with the best treatment

Getting a rash on the neck is very common at first 4 months of your baby life because the skin of the neck’s folds rubs against itself. The heat, moisture, and friction combine to irritate the skin and interrupt the protective layer, the normal outside. No matter how it is treated, the baby neck rash often stays there until kids are sitting up most of the day.

Baby neck rash
Baby neck rash

Is it Neck Rash?


Check if the rash is only on your baby’s neck, or if  it appears in other places on his body. Some types of rashes are more common in skin folds, that means the neck rash may appear in the diaper area or the armpits. Moreover, other types of rashes affect all the body, but you may notice them first on the neck.


What’s causing  Baby Neck Rash?


  • Skin Irritation

You know, Babies don’t have  long necks. However, the chubby skin folds under the baby’s chin are part of what makes your baby so cute! Those skin folds can  encourage the formation of a rash. How this happens? Actually, the skin rubs against itself since your baby can’t hold his head up yet. This may cause skin irritation and breakdown which lead to the formation of the rash. This type of rash will clear up on its own because the baby learns to hold her head up and the rubbing lessens. Never use soap on the affected area and try to keep the skin dry.

You baby may also develop a fungal infection in his skin folds. There is a type of fungus, which called ” candida or yeast”, causes some forms of diaper rash because rashes like to live in warm places.

If your baby’s neck rash seems to be spreading is not improving with simple measures like keeping the skin dry, It’s necessary to check with your doctor to make sure that your baby  doesn’t develop candida infection. If it is, the doctor will prescribe a simple cream to kill the yeast.

  • Stork Bites

It is the common name for a type of birthmark that appears on the back of a newborn baby’s neck. Actually, a stork bite isn’t a rash. It’s a pinky and flat spot that it doesn’t itch or hurt. It’s  may be caused by a collection of blood vessels. It usually fades away on their own within a few months.


  • Prickly Heat

Prickly heat, also called heat rash, appears as small red bumps. Baby’s skin can be irritated by the heat especially in the summer. Heat rash tends to appear in warm places and damp from sweat like the diaper area, the armpits, and the neck.

Naturally, the best ways to prevent and treat prickly heat are to Keep the baby cool and comfortable, dress the baby in loose clothing and keep the affected areas dry.


When can Baby Neck Rash be a serious?


Mostly, baby neck rash is not serious. However, if your baby develops rash with a fever, call your doctor.

If your baby develops fluid or pus-filled blisters, this can be a sign for an infection that requires antibiotics. So, It’s important to call the doctor right away if you feel that your baby is crying and can’t be consoled, not feeding properly, or is not showing his usual level of activity.

Check the rash if it consists of tiny red spots or dots that don’t fade when it is pressed. Actually, this could be caused by bleeding under the skin. In this case, the spots, which called petechiae, can be a sign for a serious infection. Therefore, if you notice petechiae, call the doctor immediately.

Remember that you know your baby best. Generally, any rash that be concerned you is a reason to contact the doctor.

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