Common Baby Rash on BackBABY RASH 

How To Relieve Baby Rash on Back?

Even Adults face difficulty to identify the rash on their skin. Babies can’t express what they’re feeling. They just crying, and you need to translate their crying to know the reason. Therefore, You need to discover everything might happen to your baby.

To make it more easily, we’ll try to make you recognize all the possibilities of rash that might appear in your baby’s skin, especially in his back.

Common Baby Rash on Back

Common Baby Rash on Back


1) Mongolian Spots

type of spots that appear shortly after birth. They are bluish gray spots that very in shape. It can be seen anywhere spots on baby’s body, especially on the lower back, back of the shoulder or the butt.

2) Hives

Welts that may appear without any cause and spread rapidly. It might be small or large, round or shaped, and single or clustered together.  Sometimes .It lasts for 10-15 minutes or a few hour. You might see some welts, and later you notice that they disappear and see new welts on back. Moreover, Babies can get hives during some illness like cold of fever.

 3) Roseola

One of the most common causes of rash and fever in infants which starts with three days of fevers. If the fever breaks on day four, you should get worry. This type of rash appears on the upper back and neck as red spots and bumps.

4) Heat Rash

It could appears as tiny red spots, bumps, or pimples due to a mix of sweat, heat and clothing. Commonly, it appears on the lower back or back of the neck.  In this case, you should cool your baby off and air out the area.

5) Eczema

It is itchy rash that might be seen on the cheeks, scalp, chin, chest, and back. It seems as dry, scaly red skin or tiny red bumps. Commonly, this type of rash can be seen in the babies of the families with a history of allergies of asthma and can be a viral rash.

6) Baby acne

Baby acne is small white pimples which appears on the cheeks, the chin, and the back of a newborn. It may appear at birth.

7) Measles

It starts with fever, cough, runny nose, and watery eyes. A few day later, red bumps start to appear on the cheeks. Then, rash appears on face and down of back and spread to the arms and hands. This rash is flat, red, and may be itchy. It can last about 5 days, then it fades away.

8) Salmon Patches ( Stork Bite )

Salmon Parches are simple nests of blood vessels which appears at the back of the neck or between eyes.

If you feel that your baby is dealing with something more serious, talk to your family doctor. 


In the first few months of baby’s life, any rash appears along with other symptoms, you need to go to your family doctor.


When you have to worry about your baby’s rash?


Not all types of rashes are serious, just few types need the attention:

Fluid filled blisters may indicates a serious infection such as herpes or bacterial infection.

Petechiae , small red or purplish dots over the body can be a sign of serious bacterial infection.

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