Baby rash on stomachBABY RASH 

Baby rash on stomach (Baby Rash on Tummy) how to deal with

Figure out the cause of the baby rash on stomach and how to deal with.

Commonly, baby rashes may appear on the face or head due to many conditions, such as cradle cap or milia. Red rashes on other areas of the body, like the tummy of the stomach, that develop after eating is may be caused by a reaction to food; however, that is not the only possibility, so contact your pediatrician.

 Baby rash on stomach
Baby rash on stomach



Baby rash on tummy can be caused due to feeding your baby something that he is allergic. A food allergy happens when the immune system reacts after eating a certain food.  According to the Mayo Clinic, 6-8 % of  children, who are younger than 5 years old, have food allergies. Tiny amount of food can cause a serious reaction. A food allergy can also cause anaphylaxis, a life-threatening allergic reaction.




Breastfed babies can also have reactions to food. If you eat a certain food that your baby is allergic to and then breastfeed, your baby may develop a rash, wheezing, vomiting cold-like symptoms, constipation, fussiness, diarrhea and itchy eyes. Your baby may also have signs of discomfort, like upset stomach. Generally, the symptoms may appear 4 hours after feeding, or up to 24 hours afterward. Your baby rash on the stomach (or on tummy) is not happen from formula feeding, but formula can cause a red rash to appear on the face.




Hives also may be a reaction to food.  As a reaction to medicine or from an infection, hives bumps may appear on the face or body. It is also known as nettle rash or urticarial. Hives can appear as red, itchy and swollen spots that vary in size and shape. You can relieve itching with a cool compress. However, contact your doctor for the best treatment recommendations.




If your child has food allergies, there is a chance that he may also have eczema. It appears as red, scaly and itchy skin. Eczema can cause fluid to ooze out of patches, which may crust over if scratched, on the skin. Any irritant like a rough fabric rubbing against your baby’s stomach may also cause a rash there. “lupus rash” Moreover, Eczema can be caused due to dry skin or a bubble bath.


Baby Rash on stomach due to Roseola


If the rash on your baby’s stomach or tummy occurs after your baby getting a fever, it is possible that your baby has a Roseola. Roseola disease , which also called sixth disease or roseola infantum, strikes children who aged between six months to three years old. It is a common pretty mild viral illness and rash. The main cause of the disease is due to herpes virus.

Commonly, the baby rash on stomach (or tummy) that caused by roseola develops after your baby has a sudden, high fever which usually reach 103 degrees Fahrenheit or over. The fever is usually lasts for 3-5 days. Once the fever ends, the telltale rash appears. The rash occurs as small flat spots or raised bumps. It rosy pink in color. It usually lasts for two days or hours only.

The Baby rash on stomach turn white when you press it. However, the rash is not contagious and it will not cause itchiness or uncomfortable to your baby. You will notice that the rashes appear on the neck, stomach, chest, and back. Moreover, it can spread to arms, legs and face rash.

There are other symptoms of roseola beside the rash itself. The symptoms include  mild diarrhea, tiredness, irritation, loss of appetite, swollen eyelid, red eyes, , sore throat or a runny nose. You can find lymph nodes in your baby’s neck rash and skull a bit enlarged too. Although all the associated mentioned symptoms, your baby may not look ill.

Generally, Roseola  is rarely found or only 10-15% children have it. However, can cause a febrile seizure. Children can  Lose  the control of bladder. They also may go unconscious and jerk the arms, legs or facial muscles for about 2 or 3 times.

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