Eczema During Pregnancy? Say Goodbye to it!

Eczema During Pregnancy? Say Goodbye to it!


eczema during pregnancy


Eczema during pregnancy! Can you give a definition to  eczema during pregnancy?


Pregnancy causes a lot of changes on women’s body and skin, such as dark spots, rash, dry skin eczema, etc. So eczema during pregnancy is the eczema occurs during women’s pregnancy for different reasons.

In this regard, it is no longer surprising to have eczema during pregnancy!


Do you have eczema during pregnancy? What are the symptoms that you have from these?


Generally, eczema during pregnancy share the same general symptoms of other types of eczema: red and itchy skin bumps that can occur on any part of the pregnant woman’s body.

Other symptoms:


  • Rough and red patches on the face, neck and back knees.
  • Bumps on abdomen, arms and legs.


If not, are you afraid to have eczema during pregnancy? Do all pregnant women have eczema during pregnancy?


Eczema during pregnancy is the most common skin condition occurring during pregnancy. It is worth mentioning that women who have had eczema in the past are more likely to have eczema during pregnancy. Yet it is not the rule since 20 to 40 pregnant women suffering from eczema during pregnancy have had a history with eczema.

Furthermore, there are women who have eczema before becoming pregnant, so the eczema becomes worse during pregnancy.


What causes eczema during pregnancy?


The exact reason of eczema in general is still unknown and it might be caused for environmental and genetic factors. Yet in pregnancy, fluctuations in hormones might be an enough cause of it with other former factors.


How to diagnose eczema during pregnancy?


eczema during pregnancy


You can simply recognize that you have eczema, but it is very important to see your doctor who will diagnose eczema by looking at your skin.

Why a doctor?

Your doctor must know about all the changes occurring during your pregnancy since this change of your skin might be a result and a symptom of other things. In addition, your doctor will be able to give you the suitable medicine if you have to use a chemical one. Finally, it is crucial to take care of your baby and make sure that the baby is okay.

Tell your doctor when it occurs, any change in your diet, medicine you are taking etc. Make sure to tell the doctor every single details.


Shall you wait until delivering your baby to get rid of it OR there are treatments?

It is impossible to bear eczema without any treatments and mostly eczema during pregnancy do not affect your baby.

What are the treatments?


eczema during pregnancy


  • Moisturize is the most common and effective way to treat eczema and reduce scratching and itchy skin.
  • Warm not hot showers.
  • Wear clothes made by natural products as cotton to not irritate your skin.
  • Notice soaps you are using and it is better to use soaps made from natural components.
  • Pay attention to your types of food.

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