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Best Essential Oils for Eczema, No Longer Worries

Find out the most effective and essential oils for eczema, and how to use them.

Eczema can be a difficult condition to treat and so hard to find answers for! However, you’ll keep looking for until you find something that works. Luckily, there are essential oils provide an inexpensive, low risk option for eczema treatment.

Essential Oils for Eczema
Essential Oils for Eczema

Below are some essential oils for eczema that are specialized to combat the symptoms of eczema. We hope you find what you need!


  • Carrot seed Oil for eczema

About 600 years ago, carrot was introduced to Europe from Asia. This oil is derived from the rich seeds of the plant. Carrot seed oil is helpful for all skins types. It also can calm inflamed skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.


  • Chamomile Oil for eczema

Chamomile has applications for pretty much all skin problems. It’s very effective for eczema. It can limit inflammations and soften and soothe dry, flakey skin. It’s very calming to the skin and mind and very gentle to boot.


  • Lavender Oil 

It is one of the most valuable oils for skin conditions. It can stimulate the growth of new cells and kill bacteria. Also, it is antibiotic and antiviral. It prevents scarring and eases pain.


  • Bergamot Oil for eczema

Bergamot creates the unique flavor of Earl Grey tea. It has both citrus and floral notes. Moreover, it has been a folk medicine in Italy for millennia. Bergamot is effective for treating many skin conditions including acne, eczema, psoriasis varicose ulcers and seborrhea of the skin and scalp.


  • Birch Oil for eczema

Birch is cleansing and purifying for the skin. It’s anti-inflammatory to boot that makes it a great choice for many skin conditions.


  • Tea Tree Oil for eczema

Tea tree has many excellent properties. It’s known for its capacity to stimulate the immune system, prevent fungal, bacterial and viral infections. Tea tree is drying, so you should make sure you mix it with some moisturizing oils. Tea tree is an anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic and relaxant. It calms inflammatory and allergic reactions anywhere on the body. It promotes new cell growth and helps skin marks and scars fade away.


  • Rosemary Oil for eczema

Rosemary have powerful properties. It tightens skin, kills bacteria and is a great oil for treating dermatitis, eczema, acne and athlete’s foot.


  • Balsam Fir Oil for eczema

Balsam can reduce inflammation, boost immunity and kill bacteria. Tolu balsam is excellent at soothing and healing dry, chapped and cracked skin.


  • Cedarwood Oil for eczema

Cedarwood oil is steam-distilled from the leaves and sawdust of Atlas cedar trees. It is able to kill bacteria, prevent or destroy fungal infections and it is insecticidal and mildly astringent. For these reasons, it an excellent addition to blends, steams and masks when treating skin complaints including eczema.


  • Geranium Oil for eczema

Geranium can promote rapid skin healing and ease pains and discomforts that associated with eczema. It’s good for all skin types because it promotes a balanced level of sebum on the surface of the skin.


  • Helichrysum Oil

It is anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory and promotes cell growth. It is perfect for allergic conditions such as eczema.


  • Mandarin Oil for eczema

Mandarin has many traditional medicinal uses such as curing skin disorders and maintain moisture balance where applied.


  • Sweet / Wild Orange Oil for eczema

Sweet orange is a great tonic for all skin types. It can stimulate and brighten both oily and dry skin types. It’s toning, soft and glowing.


  • Rosewood Oil for eczema

Rosewood can improve blood circulation and speed up wound healing. It stimulates the body to produce enzymes to stabilize bodily functions.


  • Yarrow Oil for eczema

Yarrow is a potent anti-inflammatory. It’s especially suited for skin, respiratory and digestive inflammation. It also promotes circulation and is a diaphoric meaning it can help the skin remove toxins through mild perspiration.


  • Spikenard Oil for eczema

Spikenard root is earthy and an ideal skin tonic. It’s anti-inflammatory, sedative and soothing. You need to apply it to skin; it is gentle does a great job of preventing bacterial growth.


  • Tagetes (Marigold) Oil for eczema


Tagetes is a very warm, calming oil from the beautiful flowers of the marigold plant. It sedates and calms inflammation and skin irritation on contact. It disinfects and cleans.

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