How to treat itchy rash on buttocks?SKIN RASH 

Itchy Rash on Buttocks: What to Do with?

Itchy rash on the buttocks is an embarrassing problem that most people do not discuss. Read on to know what causes buttocks rash and learn how to treat it.

Rash on the buttocks appears as localized red and itchy bumpy papules on the skin. Itchy rash on the buttocks commobly happens to young toddlers, though it can happen to adults. In most cases, it is a self limiting condition which means it doesn’t require any specific treatment.

How to treat itchy rash on buttocks?
How to treat itchy rash on buttocks?

What’s Causing itchy rash on buttocks In Toddlers?


You know that the toddlers’ skin is highly sensitive and it needs to be kept uncovered to prevent friction or skin allergies. Itchy rash on buttocks  commonly happens to toddlers who wear diapers for long duration of time at a stretch. The diapers soak urine and keep the toddler’s buttock dry. The prolonged use of diapers limits their ability to soak the urine, So, in turn it can lead to irritation and itching.

Moreover, the constant use of diapers may also cause itchy rash and lupus rash on the buttocks. However, itchy rash on the buttocks might be a result of a side effect of a vaccination in toddlers.


What’s Causing itchy rash on buttocks In Adults?


In adults, itchy rash on the buttocks may be caused due to poor personal hygiene or excessive sweating. Moreover, psoriasis, shingles and jock itch commonly affect the buttocks region.

Beside itching, psoriasis appears as patches of red, dry and scaly skin that flakes. Your skin may also burn or have pus-filled blisters. Like psoriasis, jock itch has similar symptoms, but with a rash instead of raised patches of skin. Regarding to shingles, a rash occurs on one side of the buttocks and turns into blisters later. These blisters disappear within three weeks.


There are also less frequent causes of itchy rash on the buttocks, that can affect both adults and toddlers including:

– Repeated friction to the skin

– Fungal infections.

– Exposure to an allergen like medicine or a food allergen.


Does it Need Seeing a Doctor?


If you suspect that you have psoriasis, shingles or jock itch, you need to contact your doctor. The doctor may scrape an affected skin cell sample in order to examine it under a microscope or send the affected skin cells to laboratory for further testing.


How to treat itchy rash on buttocks?


Your doctor may prescribe corticosteroid cream to alleviate inflammation that is caused due to shingles and psoriasis. To treat psoriasis at home, take a bath daily in Epsom salts or oatmeal to remove scales and redness. Moreover, artificial light therapy can also be effective.  Regarding jock itch on buttocks, you can use over-the-counter antifungal spray, ointment or lotion. If these are not effective, your doctor will prescribe a higher strength medication. If symptoms become worse once treatment begins, see your doctor and ask him about other treatment options.


Home Remedies For Itchy Rash On Buttocks


There are many home remedies that will help you to deal with itchy rash on the buttocks. They can be used for both toddlers and adults:

– You can apply  tea tree oil that associated with a fungal infection. Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial and anti fungal properties that will fight inflammation naturally. You can also add Aloe-Vera gel and apply it gently on the buttocks.

– Apply vitamin A and vitamin E oils to have  healthy skin growth. Their regular application can improve skin health and prevent itching.

– Make sure that you don’t wear wet undergarments. Try to Keep the buttocks as dry as possible. You can apply a powder talc to keep the skin dry, especially during summers.

– Homeopathy can be helpful in treating itchy rash on buttocks and rashes on neck. It can alleviate inflammation, redness and itching.

In case simple home based measures dont help, consult your doctor.

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