Itchy Red Rash on Face: ( causes, treatments, Symptoms )

 Itchy Red Rash on Face, All what you need to know about


As the name suggests, Itchy Red Rash on Face is the kind of inflammation that affects the face taking different forms like redness, crust, dryness, and pimples. Despite being quite challenging to identify the exact reason for which this allergy affects the face, experts have identified some reasons that stand behind itchy reddish face rash. For instance, chemical substances people are exposed to daily e.g. shampoos, soaps, cosmetics, perfumes, and metals. Unfortunately, facial allergy may continue until the source behind which is precisely identified by experts and stop being exposed to it.


Possible causes of itchy red rash on face:

  1. Seasonal inflammation:

This allergy starts at the beginning of Spring season associated with itchiness and redness.


  1. Animals and insects contact:

All kinds of pets cause inflammatory effects. It’s worthy to mention that people who suffer from allergic effects are not affected by pets’ fur or hair; instead, they are sensitive to pets’ saliva, skin cells, and dander.


  1. Contact Dermatitis:

This happens when your face is exposed to an allergic substance, e.g. food or detergents, that results in reddish marks.


  1. Food

Food is one of the most common causes of rash on face. However, the effect of food varies among people, in a sense, a specific food may affect people differently. That’s, one may feel pain in stomach, while another notices redness around lips.


  1. Medications:

This cause also have a different effect on people. For some people, it may cause rash on arms, while for others, it might be swellings on face.


  1. Eczema:

The cause of this is unknown; yet, people with seasonal allergy and asthma are more likely to be affected by rash on face.


  1. Psychological causes:

Facial itchiness is highly associated with nervous psychological behaviors.


  1. Not washing one’s face:

Face is always exposed to germs, microbes, and dirt; therefore, not washing your face several times daily may get your face affected by rash.


  1. Dryness of face:

It’s one of the major causes of face rash, and face dryness may occur at any time of the year especially winter.

10. Bacterial, viral rash and fungal infection.

Itchy Red Rash on Face Treatment:

  1. Washing one’s face several times per day.
  2. Drying one’s face using specific moisturizes.
  3. One with oily skin should avoid creams and cosmetics.


Symptoms and signs of rash on face:

  1. Small reddish pimples and blackheads.
  2. Redness around cheeks, on nose or forehead.
  3. Painful pumps.
  4. Irregular red pimples appear after taking a medicine.
  5. Change in face’s texture.
  6. Bleeding from broken skin.
  7. Blistering.
  8. Dryness in face.
  9. Swellings around the rash.
  10. Red and dry eyes.
  11. Vomiting.
  12. Stress and anxiety.

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