Sudden Rash on FaceFACE RASH 

Sudden Rash on Face: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Rash on face is one of the most annoying and discomforting types of Rash. Most people feel that facial rash is very challenging. The appearance of sudden viral rash on face is varied in location and shape due to its underlying cause. You can notice that facial rash can affect small area or spread area on your face. Its color can also be red, purple, white or silver.

It can appear due to several reasons mostly representing on facial allergic contact dermatitis. So, you need to manage sudden rash on face by understanding these reasons and learning how to treat them. This article will help you to identify the reason of such annoying sudden rash on your face and provide you some tips to deal with.

Sudden Rash on Face
Sudden Rash on Face

The Causes of Sudden Rash on face


– Dry Skin

Dry skin can affect the sudden rash on face and make it dry and itchy. It can be caused by lacks of oil, increasing of fats, or some facial products.

Dry skin can be prevented by avoiding washing the face with harsh soaps and getting a balanced diet.

Heat Rash

The overexposure to sunlight and heat is the major cause of heat rash. The common symptom of heat rash is the sudden rash on face and neck as a kind of warning the person that he has heat rash. Heat rash doesn’t need a treatment, but it might be beneficial to cool down your face.


Psoriasis effects more than 46% of the world population. Itchy rashes, especially on the face,  are the most symptoms of Psoriasis. It appears commonly above the upper lip,  near the hairline, or around the forehead and eyebrows.

To treat the Psoriasis, keep your skin moist and avoid heat, sunlight and smocking.

– Allergy

Allergic reaction to foods or facial product is often causes redness and Itchiness of the face. For example, sudden rash on face can be caused by the allergic reaction of strawberries.


Common symptoms of facial allergic contact dermatitis


Lip dermatitis

  • Nickel, which can be caused by fragrance from the direct contact of certain products.
  • Itchiness and scaly skin on the lips or around the lip area.
  • Indirect application can occur from an allergen that can be transmitted via the hands
  • Direct application includes  sunscreen, lipstick, lip gloss, toothpaste, or metal-containing products, such as jewelry.

Eyelid dermatitis

  • Fragrance, which is  the cause from contact with makeup, shampoo, or conditioner.
  • Itching, redness,  or scaly skin may appear on the upper or lower eyelids.
  • Nickel,  which is caused from direct contact with eyelash curlers or tweezers.
  • Indirect contact with fragrance also can be caused from allergen when fragrance oils remain on your hand.
  • Indirect application can be caused from an allergen transmitted via the hands. For example, you might have a nickel when you handle the door or keys and then rub your eyes.


Run-off pattern


  • This is a kind of allergic reaction related to certain products used on the scalp, such as hair dye, shampoo, or conditioner.
  • It appears on the upper forehead, ears, and the sides of the face and neck.


Is There a Connection between sudden rash on face and Mobile phones?


According to recent researches, the sudden rash on face, that appear in front of an ear and on the cheek, may indicate an allergic reaction from nickel found in certain phones, especially the flip phones. A related report status that “the newer smart phones may be less likely to contain these substances on the outside”.

When you suspect that your mobile phone is a source of an allergic reaction, a dermatologist can check your phone to determine if it has nickel or not. It is necessary for you to figure out everything about your phone that may cause the sudden rash on your face.

Natural remedies to treat sudden rash on face


– Mixture of olive oil and baking soda to relieve itching.

– Ice pack to relieve itching.

– Cooked oatmeal to relieve the pain of itching/

– Calcium gluconate and water to relieve the rash itself.


When You Have to See Your Dermatologist?


– You get a cold or cough.

– your eyes get swollen and red.

– You have a fever.

– You have swelling.

– Facial rashes last longer than 3 months.

– You get open, red, or painful wounds after scratching your skin.

– Your skin is peeling off.

Finally, you need to plan your care and learn about health conditions. If you notice a sudden rash that start to appear on your face, consider your hobbies, the type of work that you do, and the products that you use.

Since the common cause of sudden rash on face is the allergic reaction, you must know that people are not born with allergies; but these allergies develop over time. You might use a product for several years and you don’t think that it could be the cause of your allergic reaction, you have to stop use it. Why? Keep on your mind that the manufacturers of products can change their formulas and use different chemicals without telling you about it!

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