Sweat Rash Treatment: No longer worries.

Know more about sweat rash and learn how to deal with


Sweat Rash, which is also called heat rash, is a common skin prevalent in hot and humid conditions. It is caused by a blockage of the skin’s sweat duct by a keratin plug. sweat rash is common in children and infants due to the under developed sweat glands. You may notice other symptoms that associated with the skin rash like prickly heat, Milaria. Sweat rash develops under the arms, between the legs and the groin area where the excessive sweat exist. Fungal infection may develop and lead to fungal skin infections due to high moisture.

Sweat Rash Treatment: No longer worries.

What’s Causing Sweat Rash?

Sweat rash is a skin infection that caused by Candida yeast infection. To be more specific, it is caused by a blockage of the sweat duct by a keratin plug due to the excess sweating and inadequate evaporation of the sweat.


How does sweat Rash look like ?

To make sure if it is sweat rash or not, check the symptoms of sweat rash including small red rashes (papules) that may be itchy. Swear rashes may develop simultaneously at different parts of your body like face rashes, neck, chest, under the arm, groin area and the scrotum.
Sweat Rash can be associated with itching, burning, tangling, swelling and slight discomfort. This Skin rash can be contagious or not contagious. Some of rashes may be localized and some generalized. They  can be short-lived, or  recurrent and some chronic.

How to treat sweat rash?

To treat heat rash, you need basically to cool the skin, keep the affected part dry. You should take cool showers, wear loose fitting clothing, and avoid overcrowded and staying in the sun . You can also prevent developing sweat rash by  air conditioned or proper ventilation. Moreover, calamine lotion can be good treatment option for normal heat rashes.

One of the most natural ways to treat sweat rash is using corn starch powder. It has highly absorbent properties that can keep sweat off the skin thereby preventing new heat rashes. Regarding the very painful heat rashes, You can apply Aloe Vera gels lotions or ointments.
If your skin is inflamed, you must take a treatment to relieve the inflammation and also treat the infection. Anti-fungal agents can treat viral rashes because they contain secondary anti-bacterial properties which have the ability to eliminate bacteria and fungi also. Most of the anti-fungal creams contain hydrocortisone that soothen down the redness, itchiness and inflammation. You may also find a lots of commercial anti-fungal agents in the market.

Keep on your mind that treatable rashes also can cause lot of frustration, and you may do not know what to do. You may develop rashes on one fine day that cause itchiness, burning sensation and you don’t know what to do. If this happens, self-diagnosis is good. However, It is always good to talk to your doctor  in the case you are not sure about the type of skin rash.

Do note that most sweat rashes disappear within a week. If you do not notice any significant improvement in your condition, make sure you see a dermatologist because it could be a sign of a more serious skin condition.

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