Teething Rash: Teething Rash on Legs and Arms?

Teething Rash on Legs and Arms


Teething Rash on Legs and Arms: When your baby starts teething, you notice several symptoms associated with teething, such as: fever, drooling, discomfort, biting, and waking up at night. All of sudden, while changing your baby’s clothes, you might notice small red bumps or spots; these bumps are likely rash associated with teething. A lot of moms who experience this, consult pediatricians. Well, this is good; all pediatricians say that these bumps aren’t worth to be worried about. Doctors explain: the excessive saliva accompanied by teething makes a baby’s urine more acidic, which in turn causes rash appearance over legs and hands.

Fortunately, almost all moms, unanimously, say that teething rash on body, including legs and arms, is harmless and doesn’t cause pain to your baby or even bothers her. Also, teething rash on body disappears once the teeth break the gum. So, rest assured.

For some moms, it seems like a skin allergy, eczema or something similar.


Moms’ complains about teething rash:

Here are some literal quotes for moms whose babies face teething rash, whether on body in general or legs and arms in particular.

“My DS has a pimple like rash all over his body, mainly on his legs and back and some isolated spots on his tummy arms etc. It looks like small raised red lumps. some have a white center others dont.
The Dr says that they are from teething. I have never heard of this before. I am aware that they can get dribble rash on their mouth and face from teething, but all over the body? Has anyone else experienced this with their bubs when teething? And what did the rash look like.”

“Both of my DS’s got a rash with teething. I took them to the Dr to be safe but she said that the rash was more than likely a heat rash due to the high temperature they had. If you are worried then talk to you Dr about it.”

” Well the spots are definitely worse today  The doctor yesterday said it was viral rash… she said now that he has spots its not contagious… DS is totally miserable but I don’t think he’s itchy just teething. Come on tooth!!!”

Teething Rash on Legs and Arms

Teething Rash on Nappy area:

At the age your baby starts teething, you might, while changing her wet diapers, confront reddish or pinkish pimply-like spots on your baby’s bum. Well, that happens for reasons and we offer you with ways to get rid of.


How does Teething Rash on Nappy area look like?

While changing the nappy, you notice that this area is red or inflamed with pimply-like spots or bumps.


What are the affected parts exactly?

The affected areas are likely to be: her genitals, folds of her thighs, and the bottom. These affected areas are likely to be wet or dry, shiny or pimply.


Is it likely to get worse if not treated?

Well, the nappy area is a little bit sensitive, so you need to take fast measures to get rid of it as fast as possible; otherwise, it might turns into a yeast infection or bacterial infection.


What are the major causes of nappy rash?

  1. Baby’s wee and poo in the nappy.
  2. Leaving your baby in a wet diaper for a long time.
  3. Excessive saliva produced by the baby while teething makes the urine more acidic.


How can I treat rash on nappy area?

  1. Keep your baby clean and comfortable by regularly changing her diapers.
  2. While changing your baby’s diapers, clean the area using fragrance-free and alcohol-free wipes.
  3. Give your baby a daily nappy-free time.
  4. Before putting a new clean nappy, apply a cream or ointment on the nappy area.
  5. A bath a day, keeps the rash away.

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